Saturday, April 24, 2010

Romeo and Juliet Revised

We could have been a love story;

as great as Romeo and Juliet [without the suicide,

naturally] Instead you chose to lie, steal, and cheat me.

So let’s pretend, just for a moment,

that we did turn out like them.

This time however, when Juliet wakes,

from her poisoned sleep,

To find Romeo in a pool of his own blood;

relief floods her body, not dread.

A weight lifts off her shoulders, and she knows no pain.

She is free! Free from a life tied to a man

she may have loved [she’s not really sure, it all happened

so fast] but in time she may have grown to hate.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Love...Sincerely, Me

Well, hello!
Is that you there?
Hiding on your own?
Why don’t you come out and shake my hand,
better yet, give me a hug?
It’s been so long since you’ve shown your face around here.
You’ve been missed sorely dear.
It seemed so cold and lonely when you were away.
Yet, I never noticed the warmth before you left.
Its funny how that happens, isn’t it?
You never know what you’re missing,
till it leaves you standing, wondering
where you went wrong.
But you’ve come back, and I do hope it’s to stay,
I swear I’ll realize what I have this time,
I won’t take advantage; at least I’ll try not to.
Please love, give me another chance,
to treat you right, to cherish you.
You deserve everything I have to give,
I was selfish last time you came my way.
I’ve changed I promise.

Monday, March 8, 2010

One Day

One day, I hope I can look back on everything I’ve done

and smile.

Regret is a word I've heard;

not one I know the meaning of,

 and hope I never will find it out.

One day, I hope everything works out

for the better.

Mistakes are something I know I’ve made,

but each one has brought a new beginning;

it’s just a matter of finding the beginning I carry out

to become an end.

One day, I hope I can find that greater meaning

in life.

Clarity is something I search for

but it eludes me. I know I’ll find it,

I just want the day that I do to come;

sooner rather than later.

One day, I hope I wake up and think

“Life’s perfect.”

Sunday, March 7, 2010

To all of you...

There’s a million things I want to say to you

but even more that I can’t.

I want to tell you I still love you,

that you still haunt my dreams at night.

Sometimes I wake up sweating, scared,

and roll over and expect you to be there…

but you’re not, and you never will be again.

There’s a million things I want to fix for you

but so many of them are out of my hands.

I see you stagnant in your life;

not happy but too scared to move forward.

I see you as I look back over my shoulder

because I refuse to let you hold me back with you.

There’s a million things I want to do for you,

but I know you have to do it on your own.

I hate watching you struggle,

yet I know you’ll always make it through.

Your dreams are so big, and I’m scared

that in this case, I’m the one holding you back.

I’ll never forgive myself if it’s true.

There’s a million things I want to save you from.

Drugs, alcohol, sex- pick your poison

You want it all, so you’re trying it all.

I wish you knew how much I still cared,

and that it would make a difference.

There’s a million things I would like to show you.

That you have options, you’re not stuck.

That there is more out there then the guy who doesn’t want you,

or tells you he loves you, but doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

There’s a million things I want to do for all of you

but in the end I have to do it for me. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Find My Way Home

Put me on a city street.
Patches of light, like little moons, on sidewalks glow,
safely closed into their own little box;
only coming out when the sun goes to bed.
My feet will find their way,
despite the temptation to jump
from moon to moon, and get lost in this patchwork
of streets in a place that never sleeps.
I am determined never to be lost,
because I am never far from home-
and home is calling with every wave that crashes on the shore,
and with every grain of sand that washes away
a little of my heart is carried out to sea.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missing You

I don’t miss you.
The way you judged me, laughed at my dreams.
The way you belittled me, made me feel worthless.
I don’t miss the fighting,
the crying and spending nights wondering where you were;
hoping you’d come home.
I don’t miss your drunken rants,
your control over me.
I miss the nights we spent,
in bed, needing nothing but the two of us.
I miss having someone to hold me when I cry,
celebrate with me when I’m happy,
and do nothing with me when it’s just that kind of day.
I miss waking up next to someone every morning,
and hearing “I love you” right before I fall asleep.
I miss sleeping in the safety of someone’s arms,
where nothing could ever touch me.
But most of all I just miss knowing that someone was there.
No matter when or why, if I needed you-
You were there.
That’s what I miss, 
but we’ll never go back to that.
You’re not the person I knew and loved
and one day I hope you can reclaim him.